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Progesterone and Infertility

Q: Hello Andrea! I had two miscarriages a year ago, and haven't conceived since. My cycles are like clock work, and so the recommendation is that I begin the cream at ovulation...which I have done the past few months (I used Progessence Plus prior to the cream). I've done chaste tree tincture in the past, but since I have no trouble ovulating (I chart with temping), I'm not so sure I need it. Currently, I'm taking several supplements in hopes of conceiving. I'm struggling with all of this. I guess I'm just unsure about using the cream all month long as opposed to only in my luteal phase. I'm afraid of throwing things off, especially since my cycles are regular. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for listening. :)

A: Hi! Chaste Tree helps the pituitary gland. It’s like the master control for all hormones so it would be beneficial even if you’re already ovulating. (My cycles have always been regular even though I was low in progesterone. I became pregnant more than once, but the pregnancy faded before my period was even due. If I hadn’t taken tests long before my period was due, I never would’ve known I’d even conceived.) On the Progesterone Therapy website, she says to use the natural progesterone cream all month long in the beginning to overcome estrogen dominance. (I've used this kind and this kind.) Once symptoms have subsided, begin using it only during the second half of your cycle. Since I got pregnant on the first month I used it, I’ve just kept right on using it every day. She also says to use a high dose to start with (100-200 mg daily spread over two or more doses.) For me, I’ve done 75 mg. in the morning and 75 mg. at night. If it were me, I’d start on the high dose of daily progesterone cream for a couple of months, then do a month of low dose in the first half of my cycle and high dose in the second half and finally just use the high dose during the second half of my cycle. Of course, if pregnancy occurred, I’d keep using the progesterone for at least 3-4 months (or even throughout the pregnancy.) I pray that God blesses you with a baby! Sincerely, Andrea

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