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Tom and I got married in 1999; it was the first step in building a life that revolves around our home. We bought our little two bedroom, one bathroom house a month before we got married and we moved in shortly after our wedding. We've been fixing it up ever since. Our little circa 1940 house is now full of the happy noise of 8 children, several of whom made their entrance into the world in the middle of our living room. Over the years we changed things around and reorganized in order to accomadate our home business (our sole source of income), our home education activities (our children have been homeschooled from the beginning) and we even sqeeze about 20 people into our living room on Sunday mornings for Bible Study and worship (we have a particular affinity for studying covenant eschatology.)

If there were one message we could share (aside from the main message of submission to God), it is this: fear not. 

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