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Printable Birth/Baby Supplies List  & Prenatal Check Records

Tom and I had one "Daddy-Assisted" birth (ie birth without a medical professional or midwife) and two unassisted pregnancies. I created these printable charts to track my personal pregnancy check-ups and to prepare supplies for the birth and our baby.

Printable "Baby Building Blocks" Nutrition Checklist

     I made this checklist for myself adapted from Dr. Brewer's Pregnancy Diet. I hope you'll find it useful for yourself, too. I used my home laminating machine to laminate mine. I keep it on the refrigerator and check off items with a dry erase marker.

     If you don't have a laminating machine, you can take it to a teacher supply store or an office supply store to have it laminated. Alternatively, you can slip it into a 3-ring binder sheet protector or cover it with clear packing tape to make a laminated surface to write on.

The first chart is intended for a singleton pregnancy. The second chart is intended for a twin pregnancy.

Please consult for more information or for more food choices.

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