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Matching Clothes

Matching Clothes

Getting everyone dressed in the morning is a simple matter when we don't have to make decisions. We all wear the same color each day and we wear those colors in a rotation.


In order to make sure eveyone knows what color we're wearing each day, we made a chart for each closet that shows each color in the correct order. It's easy to check and see what color comes after the one we wore yesterday.

Our chart includes the color names to make sure there isn't any confusion over what color is being represented. We also laminated ours to make them extra sturdy.


Print and color charts for you own family!

Clothing Inventory

I try to do all our clothes shopping just twice a year. To accomplish this, I inventory our closets using my inventory chart.


I measure the kids' feet using a printable chart I found on-line and make note of their pants and shirt sizes on the chart.

Then I go through the closets marking my chart with anything that needs replaced because it's getting too small or worn out.

Once I know what we need, I go shopping or do an on-line order. I try to get sizes that will last 18 months-2 years.

I set aside $100 a month in savings to pay for our clothes when the time comes.

Print your own blank clothing inventory chart. It has one sheet for Fall/Winter clothes, one sheet for Spring/Summer clothes and two charts that are labelled as I use them for your example.

Walmart Shopping List

Here is the Walmart shopping list we use, feel free to customize it!

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