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What Can I Use to Get Rid of a UTI?


Q: What can use to get rid of a UTI? I tried cranberry juice and the cranberry pills, but on the 2nd day started to bleed and get worse. Had to call Dr. and get an antibiotic. What else can I do for the next time? Sherry

A: Hi Sherry!

My cousin’s little girl had a UTI once and she asked if I had anything she could use to help her ASAP. I went to my herb pantry and came up with a combination that turned out to work super well! She made a tea and was only able to get her daughter (3-years-old) to take one sip because of the taste, but that was enough. Her pain was gone within half an hour. Since then I’ve used it many times myself and given it to lots of other people and so far everyone has had the same results. I make a tincture so it’s ready all of the time and, when I feel a twinge of a UTI, I take a sip and the pain is gone in about 20 minutes. (I usually continue taking a small dose several times a day for a few days to make sure the UTI is truly cleared up.) You can get the herbs and prepare a tincture so you’ll be ready the next time around. You need roughly equal amounts of:

Astragulus root

Angelica root

Marshmallow root

Here’s a video (one of the very first videos I ever made) showing how to prepare it as a tincture. Of course, you can also just mix up the dry herbs and prepare them as needed. In that case, take a spoonful of the herbs and gently simmer them (since they’re roots) in a cup or two of water for about 10 minutes on the stove. Strain out the herbs and sip the tea as needed. You can refrigerate it for a few days.

Sincerely, Andrea


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