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Hair Loss Help?

Q: Do you have any suggestions to help with hair loss? I have had a couple surgeries in the last few months and my hair thinning itself out. Any help is welcome. Thank You, Kathy

A: Hi Kathy, I’m no expert on this topic, but since progesterone is on my brain it was the first thing I thought of for you. Progesterone and cortisol are both made from the same precursor hormones. When your body is under stress, it diverts more of those hormones to making cortisol and less to making progesterone which can lead to low progesterone. Low progesterone is one of the causes of thinning hair. Needing, having and recovering from multiple surgeries is a tremendous stress on your body so it seems reasonable to think supplementing for awhile with a natural progesterone cream might help with your hair (and probably lots of other things!) If you search Amazon for “natural progesterone cream” there will be lots of brands available. Read the reviews and see what other people are saying. There are several discussions on this topic on Here’s a link to one to get you started.

Sincerely, Andrea

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