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How Do You Make Your Pregnancy Smoothies?

Q: Hi Andrea, You mentioned that you bought cans of asparagus for your smoothies. My question is how do you make those?

A: Hi Nikki! I just made a giant batch of smoothies for the freezer using:

10 cans of pureed pumpkin

1 gallon of homemade vanilla yogurt

5 bags of frozen strawberries (that I pureed first)

10 cans of asparagus (that I rinsed and pureed first)

5 cans of frozen orange juice concentrate

3 pounds of apples (that I pureed first)

and a batch of homemade banana jam (old bananas mashed and simmered with sugar equal to the amount of bananas and a Tablespoon of lemon juice per cup of mashed bananas.)

I also added some powdered herbs. I mixed all of this up in my giant mixing bowl and portioned it out into 30 baggies for the freezer. I thaw one bag each day until I can stir it up and drink it. Sometimes I add extra milk if it seems too thick. I used to make a single smoothy each day, but I thought it would save time (and I wouldn’t have to wash the blender over and over) if I made a whole bunch at once. I’m going to do a pantry cooking video soon in which I’ll show a little of the process.

The smoothies look pretty ugly, but they taste delicious! In addition to having 13,000 IU of vitamin A per serving (about 250% DV) and 45 mcg of vitamin K (about 60% DV), each smoothy also has:

Sincerely, Andrea

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