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Will My ACE Student Struggle with Taking Notes in College?

Q: Hi! I have a high schooler that I wanted to use ACE curriculum with. I am wondering if he will be able to adjust if he goes on to college later. I am specifically worried about him being able to take notes. ACE seems to be just right, but I am worried about him adjusting to the lecture format when he goes to college vs. ACE's format. Any thoughts or anything to share concerning this? Thanks in advance! Tina

A: Hi Tina, I graduated from an ACE school myself after having gone there since the 4th grade. I wasn’t particularly interested in going to college, but I did attend for a short time. I didn’t find it difficult to adjust to the different classroom setting at all and I found note taking to be easy. In fact, I was at the top of all of my classes. One benefit of ACE that transfers well to the college environment is that students are accustomed to being responsible for their own learning. We’re given the material and we proceed on our own. However, not everyone is the same; if note taking is a concern for you, you can always add in some note taking activities as part of your school work. For instance, you could have your son practice taking notes during church or watch YouTube lectures or debates for the purpose of taking notes. There are a lot of YouTube videos dedicated to how to take notes that are useful. It might be helpful to have your son watch a couple of those to start him off.

Sincerely, Andrea Mills

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