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Do I Need to Use ACE's Literature/Creative Writing PACEs?

Q: Hi Andrea, I have a child I just pulled out of a public school charter school. We have done the testing and she is basically in the 5th grade for English and 6th grade for Word Building. We do our own reading so I was going to skip the literature paces, but she hasn't had a lot of formal writing. If I keep her in these English paces, will she be taught the proper writing skills or does she also need the lit/creative writing paces too? Amy

A: Hi Amy! English PACEs cover all the mechanics of grammar and writing, so you should be fine with that. Word Building covers spelling and etymology. Here’s a link to ACE’s Scope and Sequence so you can see what is covered in each subject by grade.

We don’t use the Literature and Creative Writing PACEs ourselves. I prefer to have the kids “narrate” which means they spend 5 minutes at the end of their reading time retelling what they read and sharing their own thoughts. We do this orally with beginning readers; everyone else writes their narrations on notebook paper.

Sincerely, Andrea

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