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How Did You Decide Which Colors Your Family Will Wear?

Since we wear matching clothes every day, one friend wonders: how did we decide which colors to wear?

At first, there wasn’t really a decision process for this. I just bought matching clothes for the boys that I thought were cute. Eventually, when Tom decided to start wearing matching clothes with us, things became more “official.” (We didn’t have any daughters until after the whole family was already matching.)

One day Tom needed to order new polos with his business logo embroidered on them. He basically chose one in each color the company offered. (I asked him to avoid light colors, if possible, because I don’t bother with stain

Easter 2017

treatments so it’s best not to do whites, yellows, etc., though we still ended up with gray. We also have light blue so there's something "spring-y" for Easter.) I think at the time he ordered nine colors. I made sure the rest of us had clothes to match.

Since then, we’ve added a few more colors that I thought would be nice. We currently wear 13 different colors- burgundy, red, orange, brown, dark green, lime green, teal, light blue, blue, navy blue, purple, black and gray.

(Be sure to check out free printables for our clothing rotation chart and my clothes inventory chart. You’ll also find a video on how the whole “matching clothes” thing got started in the first place.)

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