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You Get Your #1

I enjoy cooking delicious meals, but I have no problem serving macaroni and cheese out of a box. Being a gourmet cook is something I aspire to, but it’s not my #1.

Tom always says, “You get your #1.” There is always that Most Important Thing that surpasses everything else. Sometimes we kid ourselves about what it is. Sometimes we know exactly what it is. Sometimes we live with a lot of guilt and shame because we think it’s supposed to be something that, in truth, it just isn’t.

“Culture” tells us these things are Very Important. Maybe they are and maybe they’re not:

Being a gourmet cook.

Being an active volunteer in your community.

Going on exciting adventures.

Having “me” time.

Having a magazine worthy house.

Having a solid, loving marriage.

Having a super model body.

Having a thriving business.

Having strong, fun relationships with your kids.

Owning the right brands.

And on, and on…

Here’s the thing. Only one of those things can be #1. We don’t have infinite time. We don’t have infinite energy. We don’t have infinite resources.

Make your own list. Write down all those things you want to be or feel like you’re supposed to be. Then order them. You may find that you’re feeling a lot of guilt over not being or doing something that isn’t even at the top of your list. And you may find that by chasing someone else’s #1, you’ve displaced your own.

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