Q: Hello Andrea! We have homeschooled in the past. We placed our middle child back in school

in 8th grade. He is currently in 10th grade and it has been a trying year. He has always been a good student but this year he is failing most classes. My husband’s solution is t...


I enjoy cooking delicious meals, but I have no problem serving macaroni and cheese out of a box. Being a gourmet cook is something I aspire to, but it’s not my #1.

Tom always says, “You get your #1.” There is always that Most Important Thing that surpasses everything el...


People judge. It’s what we do. We stand and look at a clothes rack choosing between two shirts. Which one is the right color? The right price? The right size? Judgment.

The trouble is when we give and receive judgment to and from human beings. And not just any judgment....


Sometimes we all get “weary in well-doing.” Some days are exhausting. Some kids are particularly trying. I found life to be very hard when my first 3 children were all 3-years-old and under. I was exhausted. I felt like I needed to sleep for days and I spent evenings a...

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